"It's not about seducing men,
it's about embracing womanhood."

-Dita Von Teese

After Dark sessions give you an excuse to not only pamper yourself, but to celebrate everything you are as a woman. Before anyone else, do this for you and only you. Every woman deserves to feel absolutely gorgeous and have the opportunity to capture it all while putting yourself in a photographic time capsule. Maternity boudoir is also a favorite! Pregnancy is absolutely stunning.

Depending on your vision, there are three location options: in a beautiful king suite, in the wilderness, or in the comfort of your own home (with approval). I work with talented hair and makeup artists that will bring you to your full potential; however, I am not against a woman opting out. Bring outfits you feel comfortable, sexy, and sassy in. 

What’s included?
If a king suite is booked, it's yours to keep over night! After Dark parties are also an option -- bring two of your best friends to do it with you! These sessions last approximately one hour. Twenty gorgeous photographs are yours to keep.